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Cape Times

Daily newspaper in Cape Town, South Africa
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President of the Senate, Senator C.A. van Niekerk addressed audience after performance of play.
Senator C. A. van Niekerk said, "Moral Rearmament can help every nation to restore the spiritual backbone of democracy."
British MP says that the play 'brings the stage back to its original function of presenting new ideas'.
'Hot gospelers' play at Hofmeyr Theatre, Cape Town
'A musical explosion' aimed at "expressing the spirit of the new, young South Africa."
Play the game for the game's sake.
Is Ireland too tough for God?
Forgotten Factor is up to the minute presentation of essentials of Christian living
Successful tour of stage play "The Forgotten Factor in South Africa.
Some who have seen Moral Re-Armament advertisements, may feel a certain sympathy for the movement's seemingly worthy ideals.
'Real and Live Force,' says Mayor in Cape Town.
Two thousand three hundred from 31 nations, including Germany and Japan attend assembly at international conference.
2,300 delegates from 31 countries attend assembly at Caux, Switzerland.
Plays and films presented at the international conference centre at Caux, Switzerland, to assist as weapons in the war of ideas.
The ideology preached by the Moral Re-Armament Group from European headquarters has seized the imagination of many Germans
Dr Richter, Counsellor of German Embassy, New Delhi, bestows the highest German order on Dr Frank Buchman for peacebuilding.
In 1947 Group-Captain Patrick Foss piloted a single-engined Percival Proctor aircraft to South Africa together with two friends.
Springbok Stampede, with 34 teenagers taking part, had its debut in Cape Town.
Mr James Haworth, president of I. C. F. T. U. said report condemning Moral Rearmament is misrepresenting the facts.
Members of both Houses of Parliament attended a meeting in the Senate library to meet the cast of Forgotten Factor in Cape Town.


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