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The Star

South African newspaper in Johannesburg
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'If moral rearmament were applied then we wouldn't need the class war.'
"I had to find an idea valid for White South Africa and the most militant African leadership."
I had to find an idea for White South Africa and the most militant African leadership.
International Movement that is troubling Moscow.
International Christian movement that is troubling Moscow.
International, Christian Movement that is Troubling Moscow.
Moral Re-Armament gave every person a chance to build a world free from hate and fear, said Bremer Hofmeyr.
Full agreement reached between Mine Worker's Union and United Mineworker's Committee.
Objective of world changing through life changing.
Objective of world changing through life changing.
Dr Frank Buchman's address on the tenth anniversary of the launching of Moral Re-Armament.
Moral Re-Armament has grown in ten years to the stature of a world answer to any "ism" - even materialism.
Labour-management relations improve 100%
Actress, Norah Caulfield says, "They (Africans) have given my latest production a character it never had in Europe."
British actress Norah Caulfield decides to make her home in Johannesburg and produce plays using African actors.
Africa has been assigned to China to communise.
Not a single strike of mineworkers.
Not a single strike had been called for a year.
An opportunity at conference to find common ground on which South Africans can meet in better mutual understanding.


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