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For A Change Magazine: Volume 14 Number 5

Some of the younger people attending the Caux conferences tell FAC about experiences that have changed their lives.
Thoughts on constructive dialogue by President of the Business-Humitarian Forum Association and former US Ambassador.
According to the IMF, crime and corruption cost $1,500 billion a year.
Marijana Longin was 17 in 1991 when her country, Croatia, declared independence from Yugoslavia.
'The enemy is nowhere and everywhere,' said Ambassador Mohammed Sahnoun, Deputy Secretary General of the UN.
Good governance starts with individuals.
Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, calls on governments to dialogue with demonstrators
Over recent years those working with MRA have perceived the need to initiate change within MRA itself.
How often do we see in person someone whose daring and perseverance have inspired a hit movie?
The subject of forgiveness has climbed into newspaper headlines, political speeches and scholarly literature around the world.
Thirty people from political life took part in a three-day round table conference on good governance.
As always, the conferences in Caux were graced by the performances of several richly talented artists. Here, a portrait of singer-songwriter Scott Christopher Murray.
Mgr Bernard Genoud, Catholic Bishop of Fribourg, criticized 'the illusion of knowledge' and teaching rooted in technique alone..
Some remarkable companions on the road from fear to love.
Tania Chatterjee and Nabnita Jit first heard about Asia Plateau, the MRA centre in Panchgani, India, whilst studying...
Educating women is the key to eradicating poverty and hunger, said Catherine Bertini, Executive Director of the UN's World Food
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