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For A Change Magazine: Volume 18 Number 05

Initiatives of Change conferences in Caux

This issue features the Caux summer 2005 conferences of Initiative of Change as well as an article on Rajmohan Gandhi who speaks out on communal hatred. Highlights include articles about the inter generational Caux experience, a young people's course on conflict resolution, looking back on Hiroshima's bombing, and the guest column is by Aleya el Bindari-Hammad on 'Defusing the humiliation bomb'.

Mayor Shinzo Hamai chose something quite remarkable for the inscription on the memorial to the first atom bomb.
From Ann Rignall behind the scenes in Caux, Switzerland
Meet an artist whose work has given a voice to Holocaust survivors, and their descendants.
As he searched for an answer, he sensed that the moment for reconciliation would come and wrote, 'Caux is the place'.
How do we react when we are treated unjustly?
We are called not so much to give up what means most to us, but to make it sacred, to transform it.
What does it mean to be European today?
When Matthew Waletofea decided to work for peace in his country, he knew he was putting his life at risk.
Security is not just a military issue.
Acts of terrorism engender a sense of us-versus-them which is in some ways reminiscent of perceptions during the Cold War.
I notice him spreading a mat on the floor to commence his morning prayers according to his religion, Islam.
A conference organized by young Eastern Europeans.
Bill Porter founded a global think-tank out of his concern about the media's influence.
'Our chances for a better future depend on your speaking out about your experiences.'
'Yours to prepare the soil, me to drop the seed.'
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