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AddWeb Solution

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AddWeb Solution is a web development company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India (

We in the For A New World team have greatly enjoyed working closely with them to prepare this website.

In particular we want to mention our chief collaborators....


Ashish Jain - Company Manager

Ashish has been the overall lead for AddWeb in this project, always available when needed (which is fortunately not too often!)

AddWeb: Ashish Jain portrait photo


Chahana Purohit - Project Manager

Chahana has skilfully managed the interaction between our For A New World team (Leif, Sylviane and Edward) and the AddWeb implementation team.

AddWeb: Chahana P portrait photo


Avani But - Front End Design

Avani has utilised her great skill in CSS, Twig and other technologies to engineer the Drupal Theme out of the supplied mockups.

AddWeb: Avani Bhut portrait photo


Jigish Chaguan - Developer

Jigish has brought his great technical and programming skills to all aspects of implementing a complex front and back end solution.

AddWeb: Jigish Chaguan portrait photo