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Experiment with For A New World: A Commitment to More

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Reflections on eight months of For A New World outreach on social media

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In May 2023, Mustapha Olatunji took on the development of For A New World's social media outreach. He reflects on the experience of the last eight months.

As I pause to reflect on my enriching eight-month odyssey with For A New World (FANW), I am astounded at the wealth of knowledge and personal growth this journey has afforded. The genesis of this transformative experience dates back to an encounter with Ismar Villavicencio at the “UTSAV” gathering at Asia Plateau - the Initiatives of Change Centre in India - in January 2023.

While I had been aware of FANW's archival treasures, personal interaction with Ismar during days filled with camaraderie and youthful exuberance offered me a profound insight into the essence of FANW's mission. The project’s commitment to preserving and disseminating the evolving message of Frank Buchman through various individuals and movements became evident. Leaving Asia Plateau, I resolved to contribute to the passing down of historical knowledge within the fold now recognized as Initiatives of Change (IofC).

Originally aiming to share FANW resources with young people both within and outside of IofC, I quickly realised that this was not just another task but a remarkable opportunity for unlearning and relearning the profound ideas of Frank Buchman and the movement he initiated. My commitment deepened, and I found myself hooked for life. Every visit to the FANW webpage for content curation unfolds new insights and discoveries, shaping my understanding of Buchman's ideas and their historical significance.

In "Frank Buchman - A Life" Cardinal Franz König declared Buchman a "turning point in the history of the modern world through his ideas." Despite lacking conventional charisma or oratory prowess, Buchman drew statesmen and intellectuals from around the world. Sir Arnold Lunn's pondering (in the same book) on why intelligent individuals devoted themselves without pay for years underscores the enigma surrounding Buchman's influence—an enigma I continue to explore.

Two pivotal books on the FANW platform, "Streams" and "Remaking the World", captivate me with Buchman's assertion that human wisdom has failed and the modern world yearns for a solution commensurate with its disorder. The essence lies in transforming individual lives to address personal problems of selfishness and fear, with Buchman advocating a dynamic experience of God's free Spirit as the key to global peace.

After eight months of spearheading FANW outreach, I am more motivated than ever to disseminate this message of hope to a global audience, particularly among young people. The platform's stories of ordinary individuals altering the world's trajectory reinforce my belief in a better world shaped by individuals offering themselves in service, guided by a higher purpose.

In eight months, we reached 21,000 users on Facebook alone and another 15,000 on Instagram. This year, I am committed to reaching more youth with the resources and tracking the impact of this effort while also working with global IofC teams to leverage these resources.

I draw inspiration from the unsung heroes behind FANW—those who have dedicated themselves to documenting transformative lives, both past and present. These elders exemplify unwavering commitment despite challenges, and I aspire to empower IofC teams in 2024 with the archival resources necessary for their initiatives. This is a collaborative endeavour, a call to all. The FANW webpage houses materials essential for your initiatives, and our commitment is to make them accessible to you.

In the pursuit of lasting change, understanding the past becomes imperative for young people. In 2024, my goal is to be instrumental in empowering IofC teams and reaching out to more youth, offering them the learning resources embedded in FANW. Let us join hands in this collective effort to ensure the invaluable legacy of FANW reaches the new generations of IofC and beyond.

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