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Gente que Avanza

Gente que Avanza Training Center-Latin American Training Program

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Gente que Avanza Leadership Training Center

It was a leadership training and values promotion program based in Montevideo, Uruguay; developed from the Latin American cast Gente que Avanza, formerly ¡Viva la Gente!

A training center within the framework of non-formal education, for young leaders from all over the world who felt the vocation to serve and be protagonists in their different social environments.

It provided tools for participants to have clear ideas and become social entrepreneurs firm in their values, willing to start, in themselves, the change they wanted to see in the world, respectful of cultural diversity and teamwork.

The program, with a duration of one academic year, combined pedagogical tools of formal and non-formal education, seeking to made the students protagonists in the construction and acquisition of new knowledge and the educators, facilitators and accompaniers of the educational process. It comprised 4 formative stages, which required full-time dedication, two of which are carried out in Montevideo and two in tours around the interior of the country or another Latin American country.


Their mission was to train young social entrepreneurs with strong values, willing to work towards the construction of a more integrated Latin America and a more united, just, fraternal and peaceful world, based on personal change and social commitment.


They sought to be a benchmark leadership training space in Latin America, for men and women from all over the world who felt the vocation to be protagonists and builders of positive changes.

The Training Centre Programme started in 2003 and ceased operations in 2018.