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MRA/IofC Global Consultations

From 1989, MRA held regular international gatherings to gather consensus around future direction

The so called Consultation process was initiated in the mid-1980s in order to give new, broader, more transparent and more democratic leadership to MRA, which had become increasingly an uncoordinated grouping of national works and of individual initiatives since the deaths of Frank Buchman and Peter Howard in the sixties. Further, many people felt that they didn’t know how decisions were made, or by whom.

The consultations were designed to look at both issues internal to MRA and related to its calling and role in the world. Many who carried responsibility for the work of MRA, both “full- time” and “fully committed” working in jobs have attended these meetings, which were initially held twice a year and then, since 1995, annually. They issued in new clarity about MRA's “culture,” about goals and about leadership and process.

An overview of the whole process between 1989 and 2001 may be found here.

See the list below for individual Consultation reports. From 2010 onwards, the Global Consultations were replaced by extended Global Assemblies of IofC International, usually about every three years.

Focus on responsibilities towards the Communist World
Addressed "corporate culture," the training and development of people and strategies and priorities in East Asia and Pacific
Exposed many to heart-power and grass-roots initiatives of Latin America for first time
Focused on exploring the multi-faith dimension of MRA
An opportunity to absorb the meaning of the new realities of Europe
A review of all aspects of MRA's world finances
An opportunity to reflect on the quality of life we live together as a world team and on the life we offer to the world
A spiritual retreat for those representing all the different faith traditions that are within the wider MRA family
Focused on issue of participation and the development of people
Reviewed MRA’s governing processes
Focused on MRA’s named programs and their relationship to the heart and core values of MRA
Looked at the world and MRA’s global priorities from a non-western perspective
Addressed the theme "New ways of Living and expressing the ideas of MRA in a changing world"
Decision taken to change name Moral Re-Armament to Initiatives of Change
Endorsed vigorous dialogues between Muslims and non-Muslims
Endorsed vigorous dialogues between Muslims and non-Muslims
A Review of the Consultation Process
Purposes: a) Basic intuition of IofC and b) Creating creative partnerships
Type programma
Type programma